Discovering the religious and rural heritage of the Ardèche

//Discovering the religious and rural heritage of the Ardèche

Discovering the religious and rural heritage of the Ardèche

Ardèche is a large French department in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region with several villages. It hides a rich historical and cultural heritage at the heart of a natural landscape remained that are to be discovered by tourists eager for discoveries, history, religion and architecture enthusiasts, etc.

Discover among other wonders religious edifices and buildings from different periods, miraculous fountains, castles and ruins…

A rich religious heritage: witness of the Ardèche history

Several centuries succeeded each other, during which many events have marked the history of Ardèche, in this case the religious wars that took place during the 16th century, leaving behind fascinating and compelling witnesses of that period of the Ardèche history that is both symbolic and chaotic. Religious sites containing edifices and buildings of any size and of any architectural style emerged. Some of them are still in service, while others have become mere attraction. In general, they are open throughout the year and visits are free.

The magnificent chapels of Ardèche are a must-see, especially for romantic souls. Most of these chapels are made of stone, perfectly marrying the beautiful landscape of the Ardèche, and generally date from the Romanesque period. Between exciting histories, exceptional views and unique architecture, discover the chapel of the Belvedere (Saint-Romain-de-Lerps), the chapel of the Preacher (Rompon) or the Notre Dame de la Mûre chapel (Cornas). Several Catholic and Protestant churches are also to discover: the church of Saint-Martin-de-Valamas (11th century), the church of Chanéac (1899), the church of Saint-Cierge-sous-le-Cheylard (14th century)…

The Ardèche curiosities: the miraculous sources of Ardèche


Among the Ardèche spiritual sites are healing springs and fountains that are mostly pilgrimage places associated with saints or other religious figures. The most important source of Ardèche is found in Lalouvesc. This major pilgrimage destination has a fountain dedicated to Saint-François Régis and attracts many believers and tourists. Also discover: the source of Pouzat known to heal rheumatic and kidneys diseases, and the source of Rochemaure.

The castles of the Ardèche: places coming straight out of a fairy tale

Ardèchet is also a place where tourists have the opportunity to discover castles worthy of a fairy tale. There are all sorts of castles: made of earth or stone, large and small, leisure castles, mansions, wine estates, palaces, but also ruins that have not so far lost interest: the Castle of Aubenas, the Castle of Banne, the Castle of Blacieux, the Célestins Castle, the Castle of Chambonas, the Castle of Déomas, the Castle of Rochecolombe… the list is very long!

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