Enjoying the pleasures of water in Satillieu

//Enjoying the pleasures of water in Satillieu

Enjoying the pleasures of water in Satillieu

A French commune within the Ardèche department, Satillieu has been awarded the “Station Verte” label in 1981. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for lovers of nature and outdoor leisure activities. There are many outdoor activities that tourists and vacationers can practice in Satillieu and its surroundings, including different types of excursions (on foot, bike, and horse), air leisure (skydiving, bungee jumping, ballooning, etc.) and water activities (fishing, kayaking, canoeing…).


However, here’s a text dedicated to the lovers of aquatic pleasures, specifically swimming in freshwater. Satillieu and its surroundings are full of exceptional natural swimming areas. Come and discover places that are best for you.

Visiting the Grangeon beach: a unique bathing site in Satillieu

satillieu-2Every inhabitant of Satillieu, little ones and grown-ups without exception, know the Malpertuis, a bathing site installed since 1971 in the district of Grangeon. This water body is also very popular with many tourists and visitors for the main reason that it was built in the middle of the river Ay. A natural pool located in the middle of a stream is definitively not insignificant. Nevertheless, you should hurry if you want to enjoy this bathing site because its destruction is imminent for environmental reasons. But do not panic, the mayor hopes to replace it with a new bathing site meeting the current environmental standards.

Top 5 bathing sites near Satillieu


Although the Grangeon beach is the nearest bathing site to Satillieu, many water bodies are listed near the town. Here is a selection of the 5 best bathing sites located around Satillieu. This list includes both beaches along rivers and lakes.

satillieu-3From closest to farthest, discover below the nearest river and lake beaches to Satillieu offering the best bathing water quality possible. Start with the “Le doux au lieu dit le retourtour » beach located 18.4 km from Satillieu. Here are two other popular river beaches, the “Lac les Vernets de Galaure” beach which is 31.5 km from Satillieu, and the “Le doux à la plage de Labatie” beach which is located 16.7 km from Satillieu. Also find two of the best lake beaches near Satillieu: “Le doux à la plage de salins” beach and “L’eyrieux au lac de Devesset” which are respectively located at 18.7 km and 20.6 km from Satillieu.

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