Ecotourism: a successful concept in Ardèche

//Ecotourism: a successful concept in Ardèche

Ecotourism: a successful concept in Ardèche

Ecotourism is becoming increasingly important throughout the world, and France is no exception. A growing number of tourists are realizing the fragility of nature and turn to green tourism.

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. In France, the Ardèche is one of the most appreciated ecotourism destinations by French and foreign tourists. Located not far from the Rhône Valley, the Ardèche offers a wild and unique nature that rules the department. Outdoor activities and ecological sites are abundant, to the sheer joy of those who love nature.

The best ecotourism sites and activities in Ardèche

The Ardèche offers spectacular nature and a wide variety of exceptional places where you can practice all kinds of outdoor activities. Thanks to its mountains, reliefs, canyons, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, springs, forests and lush vegetation, tourists are spoiled for choice between hiking and horseback riding, cycling tourism, climbing, kayaking, fishing, tree climbing… outdoor sport and leisure activities are to be enjoyed without reserve!

A fragile environment also makes Green Ardèche an ecologically sensitive destination. Indeed, many protected areas and nature-oriented places dedicated to ecotourism can be found there. 14 sensitive natural areas are now available for ecological tourists.

tourisme en ArdècheUnusual Ardèche: to be accommodated in a different way

Ardèche has a wealth of accommodation. There’s something for every taste and budget! The most common are obviously hotels and guest houses, but more and more tourists seek to get closer to nature. Other types of accommodation, a little greener, therefore have emerged, such as cottages and campsites. More environmentally friendly and unusual, we can now opt for original caravans and tents… those are definitely greener and installed in the middle of nature!

Gastronomy in Ardèche: culinary tourism and organic food

Gourmands and gourmets will have every reason to succumb to the Ardèche gastronomy, if not for the peculiarity and the freshness of the organic local products, the authenticity of the Ardèche specialties and the friendly atmosphere that is found in every restaurant and bistro. In Ardèche, one can taste traditional dishes, which are rich in flavor, aromas and originality, but also a little more sophisticated or artistic dishes, which are served in large gourmet restaurants. For a gastronomic getaway worthy of the name, a tour to the Ardèche markets and tasting the Ardèche wines are not to be missed!


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