The gîte 1669

The building is made up of three floors, connected by a light well.

Accommodation capacity :

one floor: sleeps up to 6
two floors: sleeps up to 14
the two floors and the extension: sleeps up to 19

A little history

Originally, this building was built in by Fernand SAUZEAT family, originally from Spain, which followed in France under Charles VII, the famous leader of the road, Rodrigo Villandras, who had chosen as site of Annonay weapon. Then in the seventeenth century it was refurbished in the convent where the sisters are aménagèrent the twentieth century a girls’ boarding school. At the end of the twentieth century, this activity ceased and the house became a home for the community’s brothers John Baptist de la Salle, founder of the Christian Schools on French territory.

In 2005, new life was driven by Pierre-Olivier to experience these places that had been abandoned.

So, since we strive to renovate buildings, backyard and garden of the estate. We are pleased to welcome you to this place of life, you discover its treasures … and to offer various activities around nature and well-being.

Discover this convivial and charming place