sport-et-loisirFor your holiday in Ardèche, you have probably already something in mind. However, here are some ideas for activities that might interest you. It is known that the inhabitants of Ardèche attach particular importance to outdoor sports and leisure, and most of them even practice regularly, and that the department spends a lot of money on it for its economic and touristic development.

Unforgettable stay in southern Ardèche : best outdoor sport and leisure activities

To make your stay in southern Ardèche as unforgettable as possible, we have selected the 10 best outdoor sport and leisure activities not to be missed in Ardèche. Ardèche is true wilderness as only nature could intend! Its rivers, green landscapes, mountains, etc., plunge you into a paradise of beauty and opportunities, between physical activities and sensory pleasures…

Discover the facets of the Ardèche by bike

activitésTo start, nothing more pleasant than discovering this place of mysterious puzzles and a thousand faces by bike! Quad riding is an equally interesting alternative. Horseback riding and hiking are also great ways to explore Ardèche. Besides, when we talk about Ardèche, we inevitably talk about fishing, and Ardèche waters contain a wealth of fish! Speaking of water, more exciting activities are opened for kayaking or canoeing enthusiasts. For those seeking a little more adrenaline, tree climbing or mountain climbing are dedicated to them. To complete the top, caving passionate will have the opportunity to explore the bowels of the earth!


Accomodation and activities to do in Ardèche : best outdoor sport and leisure