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The latest news from your accomodation in the Green Ardèche and the events and activities around Satillieu and Annonay, the cities of the Rhône-Alpes and close

Book a mountain lodge in Ardèche Verte, south of France

Booking a mountain lodge in Ardèche Verte is to give oneself the opportunity to stay in an atypical place which is conductive to body and mind relaxation, at the heart of a bucolic setting composed of a green landscape, mountains endowed with caves (the Chauvet cave) and streams crossed by bridges.s. Staying in a mountain [...]

Enjoying the pleasures of water in Satillieu

A French commune within the Ardèche department, Satillieu has been awarded the “Station Verte” label in 1981. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for lovers of nature and outdoor leisure activities. There are many outdoor activities that tourists and vacationers can practice in Satillieu and its surroundings, including different types of excursions [...]

Top 10 activities to do in Ardèche: sport and leisure activities related to nature

For your holiday in Ardèche, you have probably already something in mind. However, here are some ideas for activities that might interest you. It is known that the inhabitants of Ardèche attach particular importance to outdoor sports and leisure, and most of them even practice regularly, and that the department spends a lot of money [...]

Discovering the religious and rural heritage of the Ardèche

Ardèche is a large French department in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region with several villages. It hides a rich historical and cultural heritage at the heart of a natural landscape remained that are to be discovered by tourists eager for discoveries, history, religion and architecture enthusiasts, etc. Discover among other wonders religious edifices and buildings from different periods, [...]

Bicycle touring: the best way to visit Ardèche

When we talk about Ardèche, we inevitably talk about cycling activities. However, this does not prevent us from asking the following question: Is it possible to get around Ardèche by bike? It is probably the best way to visit this department of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. The green Ardèche, the great outdoors, water bodies, greenery, and [...]

Ecotourism: a successful concept in Ardèche

Ecotourism is becoming increasingly important throughout the world, and France is no exception. A growing number of tourists are realizing the fragility of nature and turn to green tourism. . In France, the Ardèche is one of the most appreciated ecotourism destinations by French and foreign tourists. Located not far from the Rhône Valley, [...]